Welcome to my blog!

As far as I can remember I’ve always wanted to write. As a child I wrote poetry and short stories,I had imaginary friends,I would completely get lost in my own head and create story lines and plots .

But somewhere along the line,I grew up and traded passion for practicality. First of all, i tend to be highly self critical, i didn’t think my work would ever be good enough to even get published, so i didn’t really want to try because of fear of failure.

Secondly,I thought what if I get bored or tired and have nothing to say,or what if what I say doesn’t make any sense. I thought about all those things.

Now a couple of years later,I’ve decided to start writing again,mainly because I always have ideas, thoughts and conversations and I have no real outlet for them,and because self expression and the ability to convey thoughts and ideas into written form is a gift that has been given to me by my creator that I should express.

My subject matter is broad and diverse, i talk about my take on faith,love,friendships and all other things we millennials love, but most importantly i like to be honest and sometimes personal in my writing, i want to connect with my reader, i want them to see a little bit of themselves in me, as if my words are a personal diary.

Do enjoy.

With Love Ndidi

Author: ndidindekwu

I am a woman who is passionate about educating and promoting the understanding of self and others, through storytelling. I love to take myself and my readers on a journey of self awareness by analyzing ideas, thoughts and emotions through written words. Do enjoy

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