Do you know who you are?

Having an identity is probably one of the most important things about us, it defines us and shapes how we show up in the world. Who gives us our identity? How do we know what distinguishes us from everybody else, what makes us who and what we are. Identity is such a big issue these days, in the past you were male or female, gay or straight, white, black or whatever race you chose to identify with.

Now things are different, people don’t want to identify as just male or female anymore, they feel these classifications are too restrictive based on how they feel inside, also they believe sexuality is fluid and diverse, you can love both a man or a woman just as equally or love neither if you choose to, people are breaking away from traditional markers and defining themselves on their own terms these days.

Does deciding who we want to be make things easier and is it more liberating? Does not conforming to gender specific roles, titles and societal expectations of who we should be really make us happier, more fulfilled and better. Honestly, these days, you can’t force anyone to identify in specific ways, society is heading towards a direction where everybody can decide to be who they  want to be.

Let’s take a break from society and it’s pressures for a second and examine things from another angle.It has been widely debated that children get their identity from their father, and the importance of parents in fostering healthy identities in the lives of their children, can truly never be over emphasized.

I believe that mankind was created by God, hence everything we are, and everything we think ourselves to be comes from,and has already been defined by our creator. Genesis 1:26, asserts this, the Godhead, decided to make a species of mini gods as I like to think of it, that would reflect the image and likeness of God on earth, their domain. Their primary  purpose would be to subdue, dominate it and multiply.

So, as a human being, you were created to be like God, this is your identity.

Not in physical sense as God is a spirit, but you are to reflect God in your spirit, with your virtues and with your character, anything contrary to this, is a mis-identification of your true self. This is in essence the spirit that mankind is supposed to exude, godliness, creativity, authority and a responsibility for the earth as its primary care taker. This is essentially who we are, and we lost this consciousness in the garden, and we are all in someway still trying to find our way back there.Our adversary was crafty in usurping our authority, stripping us away from our identity, and ever since it has given room to confusion and disorder.

We have all at some point in our lives been crippled with low self-esteem, self-worth and doubt, we constantly question ourselves, and we seek validation and acknowledgement, because we do not know who we are.

To disconnect from God, is to strip us of our sense of self, it is much easier to manipulate someone who doesn’t know who they are. You can tell them any lie about themselves, and they will believe you, you can steal something that is rightfully theirs right from under their noses and they wouldn’t even know.

Knowing who you are, and why you were created, is absolutely essential as a human being, more importantly as a believer in Jesus Christ, you must know that Christ died on the cross so that you could be reconciled with your father to rebuild an intimate relationship with him, then he can begin to reveal to you who you truly are.

Above all else,your creator knows the purpose of your being,he wants you to create, he wants you to be in charge, he wants you to reflect his image and most importantly he wants to use you to make the world a better place and you cannot do this if you do not know who you truly are.

People just love to define us, you’re the smart one, and you’re the pretty one, you’re the one who is good at sports, you’re the academically gifted one. We are also guilty of this, I can’t do this because I am like this or I could never do such and such because my parents said I am like this, it is time for us to stop limiting ourselves and come to the full knowledge of who we are in Christ.


Author: ndidindekwu

I am a woman who is passionate about educating and promoting the understanding of self and others, through storytelling. I love to take myself and my readers on a journey of self awareness by analyzing ideas, thoughts and emotions through written words. Do enjoy

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