The Cinderella Effect

What do Cinderella and I have in common? on the surface nothing actually. I have somewhat of a childlike imagination and I absolutely love a good Disney fairy tale. Cinderella,in particular,seems to be my favorite.I have a special place in my heart for her, i have a thing for underdogs and i want to see them win.

We all love a good love story, we love to see the hero get the girl, we love the happily ever afters. Fairy tales fill us with a sense of hope and possibility. I know most of us, have been on the love carousel long enough to realize that real life actually doesn’t quite pan out like the stories. A lot of us when we get older, give up on this romanticized ideal of love,at least,I like to think we do. But ever so often,people arrive and circumstances occur that revive our hope.

And, i think personally, that is why a lot of us women have fallen in love with Meghan Markle and why we identify with her so well, we see ourselves in her, to us she represents the possibility of an idea, that every woman can have a shot at prince charming.

This isn’t Meghan’s doing and quite honestly, I don’t think she would be too pleased to be compared with Cinderella seeing as she considers herself a feminist. But here she is, an independent, self-assured woman, who seems to have abandoned her former life for the probability of finding true love,happiness and nobility. She and Harry symbolize the quintessential modern-day fairy tale. As a woman who just turned 30, I resonate with her.

A lot of times we are told that after a certain age picking a suitable mate becomes difficult, and the chances of you “bagging” your ideal partner, grow slimmer with every passing year. Meghan defies all those odds. She is 3 years older than Harry, a divorcee, comes from a highly dysfunctional family and is biracial (some people say black, but is neither here or there to me), but here we are 5 months away from them becoming parents, she has singlehandedly redefined the Monarchy and catapulted it into the 21st century, to say that’s impressive would be an understatement.


Yes, she got her prince, but Meghan is certainly a prize herself, she is smart, articulate and very charming, she had a modest but thriving career in Hollywood, she is a UN advocate for women, her repertoire is broad and brilliant.

I firmly believe that she would have gone on to be very successful with or without her newly acquired duchess title, Meghan brought something special to the table. I wonder sometimes, when we fantasize about the perfect partner do we ask (myself included), if I were my perfect mate would I date me? I think the answer would be a big fat no for most of us! Lol! .

See, here’s what I think, no love story or person is perfect, but there are countless of couples who are perfectly happy, I don’t think there’s really a need to start running off, writing a list and doing a bunch of things, that are not really you, to bag you a ‘’Harry’’ but if it makes you happy go for it,.

What I really think we should be doing, to get some semblance of a fairy tale love story in our own lives is to rid ourselves of the Cinderella effect. It means leaving fairy tales, where they should exist in children’s stories and tackling our love lives like grown adult women. Let’s understand what love is supposed to be from a Godly perspective (1 Corinthians 13:4). Let’s focus on making ourselves happy and healthy individuals, let’s set standards so that the men we let in don’t think our hearts are dumping grounds for their emotional baggage. It’s not about being perfect, but it’s about loving yourself, even if you’re insecure about your weight.

So even though we live in a “real” world where things don’t quite work out as we expect, i still believe in romance,and in fairy tales,I am team Meghan and Harry,and I wish them both the absolute best, I’m still trying to figure out though,Cinderella,was she comfortable in those glass slippers,to be honest I don’t think so.


Author: ndidindekwu

I am a woman who is passionate about educating and promoting the understanding of self and others, through storytelling. I love to take myself and my readers on a journey of self awareness by analyzing ideas, thoughts and emotions through written words. Do enjoy

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